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Программное обеспечение ILDA бесплатно скачать для создания лазерных шоу

Today there are some entry level and professional software solutions on the market like Pangolin QuickShow and Pangolin BEYOND, to name only a few. Often they are combined in the categories of ILDA software or ilda programm or laser software.

What does ILDA software mean?

ILDA is a protocol standardized by the International Laser Display Association, short ILDA. This ILDA protocol has been defined, so that laser show software can communicate with laser projectors. ILDA software is in that meaning a laser show software, that communicates by the ILDA protocol with the laser. Pangolin as member of the ILDA committee had a great influence on the design of that laser standard protocol, with the consequence that today this protocol is widely used to connect ILDA software freeware and commercial ILDA capable programs with laser projectors all over the world.

Getting laser shows for ILDA software

For performing laser shows, there are several options. The most common is the use of a laser show software like Pangolin QuickShow and Pangolin BEYOND, which is available as free ILDA software download. Both, QuickShow and BEYOND contain free laser shows, available by the build-in Pangolin Cloud Portal. For all Pangolin family member, is this a very easy and convenient way for getting awesome laser shows for free. In case of QuickShow as powerful entry level software program, additionally a specialized output hardware is needed, to encode the ILDA protocol for the laser hardware. This interface is available as easy plug-n-play device, named FB3QS and an even more versatile Media Server network interface, named FB4. Those interfaces already contain the license for the ILDA capable software, so QuickShow is offered as free software download. For BEYOND additionally to the interfaces, an affordable software license is needed. BEYOND can also be obtained as free laser show software download, just the license file needs to be copied to the working directory.

ILDA laser software as DMX laser software

Laser show software is not necessarily able to control DMX devices like moving heads, fog machines or even DMX capable laser projectors, or can be controlled by DMX devices like lighting consoles. But with QuickShow and BEYOND as laser programm you can. Both laser software have easy to use but extensive controls to operate lighting fixtures, fog machines and further DMX devices. You can even control DMX laser projectors with those lasersoftware. Of course you lose a lot of benefits in comparison to control your laser via ILDA interface. But in case you need it, you can. In professional productions, there is sometimes a need to control other devices by DMX via lighting consoles. QuickShow and BEYOND as show software are prepared for being externally controlled. In QuickShow there is a fixed DMX mapping available, that enables an external DMX console to control main functions of the software. In BEYOND there are customizable DMX mapping options available, but also a fixed DMX mapping as ready-to-use solution. Also Artnet (DMX via Network) can be used in BEYOND to perfectly integrate the laser software into the overall lighting design.

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