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Новый Pangolin TC4000 SMPTE Timecode Reader/Writer

TC4000 SMPTE Timecode Reader/Writer

The development team at Pangolin Laser Systems has recently finished working on the updated version of the TC2000, which is simply being called the TC4000 SMPTE Timecode Reader/Writer

TC4000 allows you to connect to BEYOND software, letting the hardware be seen as a midi deviceThis gives you the most amount of flexibility when it comes to using SMPTE timecode. 

In what we called "reading more", the TC4000 will decode incoming LTC timecode and pass it onto Beyond. The laser show will then be locked onto the incoming timecode, so if the timecode stops, the laser show stops. Again applying to when the timecode starts, the laser show will start.

In addition, the TC4000 gives you the ability to read and write over many different frame rates such as 24, 25, and 30, all over linear timecode.

You can purchase the TC4000 on our website here: https://pangolin.com/collections/fx-accessories/products/smpte-timecode-reader-writer

Learn How To Setup The TC4000 Inside of BEYOND

Your first step to using the TC4000 is getting it setup inside of Beyond. To make the process quick and easy, we created this short Quick Hints video to help you get started with the setup process.

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