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Лазерные шоу-проекторы серии LD от KVANT

The new “LD” series of laser show projectors from KVANT and Pangolin combine state of the art technology to create a world-class laser system offering twice the brightness of traditional lasers, making them truly unlike anything the industry has ever seen. Watch the video, and see them in action.

“LD” stands for low divergence

“LD” stands for low divergence, and these lasers combine the industry leading Saturn 9 optical scanning system from Pangolin, a special optical collimation technique from KVANT, offering clients a razor sharp beams, especially noticeable over long distances.

The LD series of laser projectors is ideally suited for large scale indoor and outdoor laser shows, where you need very sharp, high definition looking laser effects. In addition, the units offer incredible graphics capability, making them well suited for long distance laser graphic, logo and text projections.

The LD series of laser projectors also offer incredible cost savings to clients. In the past, to get beam quality and divergence like what the LD can offer, clients would have to use a pure OPSL based laser projector, which can be incredibly expensive to buy. The new LD series offers a pure OPSL look, at a fraction of the price, due to the special beam collimation techniques that have been developed. These laser show projectors boast a stunning 0.5 MRAD beam divergence, full angle! Which is truly unprecedented, in the laser projector industry.

The LD series of lasers offers an “OPSL look, at a diode price point

Integrated FB4 Media server

All “LD” models also include the integrated FB4 Media server, offering full control via network, ArtNet, DMX, auto-mode and ILDA. You can also conveniently daisy chain across each LD model, with the integrated switch built into the units.

Optional IP65 grade waterproof housing

In addition, these units are available inside of a rugged IP65 grade waterproof housing, upon request. Making them ideal for permanent installations, as well as touring.

The LD models are available in high powers at the moment (from 20W, up to 40W in power), and can be configured in all diode arrangements, as well as with optional GREEN OPSL modules. And soon they will also be available in low and medium power models as well.

If you have questions about the LD series, or would like more information, please feel free to contact us by contact form or phone +1 (407) 299-2088.

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