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Syncronorm Depence² Visualization Software

Pangolin is excited to announce that we're an official distributor for Syncronorm's Depence², in replacement of the now discontinued Realizer.

Depence² is a multimedia control and visualization software, with a revolutionary rendering engine that takes possibilities with pre-viz to a whole new level.

Depence's built-in 3D engine is the world's first engine to allow for full simulation of lasers, stage lighting, video projection, and special-effects in real-time.

What does this mean for laser simulation?

The Depence² Laser Module has the most realistic laser visualization ever seen! Providing many of the real-life characteristics of laser projectors, such as beam divergence, scanner inertia, in an effort to create the most realistic rendering possible. 

Beams & Atmospherics

beams and atmospheric effects in Depence2

Depence² is no slouch when it comes to "aerial beam effects". Producing life-like atmospheric effects in real-time, with in-depth render settings for intensity, dynamic clouds, fluid-like effects and even the beam divergence based on the distance from the laser.

BEYOND Support

Depence 2 lasershow control systems example

Depence² features full support for Pangolin's BEYOND Software, allowing you to easily interface between BEYOND and Depence.

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Check out the official Quick Hints tutorial video

Learn how to connect Depence² with BEYOND software in our Quick Hints tutorial below

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