Pangolin и Клиенты отмечают награду ILDA 2016 | Pangolin Laser Systems

Pangolin и Клиенты отмечают награду ILDA 2016

ILDA Awards are considered to be one of the highest honors in the laser light show and laser entertainment industry. And at the 2016 ILDA Conference and Awards Ceremony in Baltimore, Maryland (that just concluded), Pangolin and their clients once again won the vast majority of ILDA awards received. Setting a firm precedent yet again, that Pangolin is the industry standard when it comes to laser light show equipment, and technology.

Pangolin’s new FB4 Laser Show Media Server took home the first place award for technical achievement this year. ILDA technical achievement awards recognize outstanding technologies released into the marketplace, and FB4 certainly set a new benchmark in this regard. FB4 is the world’s first “media server for laser shows” and this new network laser show control platform offers laserists a variety of new benefits, including:

  • Support for all major lighting and laser protocols: Network, DMX, ArtNet, ILDA, Stand-alone with RTC (real time clock).
  • Full color OLED display – for direct control of all projector settings (including colors, geometry, safety, and more).
  • Convenient integration and setup options…
    • FB4 can be build inside of any standard laser show projector.
    • Or FB4 can be used externally, with an existing ILDA laser show projector.
FB4 Standard

When working with FB4, it makes it easy for laser show production companies to add lasers into any multimedia show setup (due to the amount of industry protocols FB4 supports). In addition, FB4 vastly reduces the amount of cabling needed to create multiple projector laser displays, while also making it easier to control more lasers, from a single control station.

FB4 also has huge implications for lighting designers who wish to work with lasers, as it makes control of a laser show from a lighting console easier than ever. Due to the fact that FB4 supports both ArtNet and DMX, and that it can be integrated directly inside of a laser show projector, it allows lighting designers to easily control lasers like a standard lighting fixture. Something our colleagues in the lighting community, have wanted for a long time.

You can find more information about FB4, using the following links below:

beyond Image Background

Pangolin’s new BEYOND laser show software, also took home the 2nd place award for technical achievement at this year’s ILDA Award Ceremony. BEYOND is a revolutionary new laser show control and design software, that is helping client’s around the world create high end professional laser and multimedia displays. The software is packed with a variety of new and exciting features, including:

  • Support for all major lighting and laser protocols (ArtNet, DMX, SMPTE, MIDI, OSC, and ILDA)
  • Advanced “LIVE” laser control settings
  • True multi-media timeline (laser, video, DMX lighting, pyro, audio, and more)
  • Powerful effect engine – with more effects possible
  • Visualization support (WYSIWYG, Realizzer, Capture, Light Converse)
  • Powerful color palette training system
  • Enhanced geometric correction tools
  • Interactive laser display engine
  • Scripting and customization tools
    • For custom user interfaces
    • And the ability to map out any console, MIDI or DMX device
  • 3D animation, drawing and modeling program
    • Support for 3D Studio MAX, Cinema 4D, Blender, MAYA, etc.
  • Enhanced frame editor and drawing program – Like Photoshop for lasers
  • Powerful abstract generator
  • Integrated Pangolin Cloud – the “iTunes” for laser shows
    • With hundreds of FREE laser shows
    • And thousands of FREE pieces of laser clipart available.

You can find more information about BEYOND, using the following links below: 

Pangolin client’s also won the vast majority of ILDA Awards received, for laser shows, and laser productions. Awards won by Pangolin clients were in the following categories:

  • Beam/Atmospheric Show – for a single XY scanner pair
  • Beam/Atmospheric Show – for multiple scanner projectors
  • Laser Graphic shows
  • Beams and Screen shows
  • Nightclub, Disco and Music Festival shows
  • Corporate laser shows
  • Live Stage Laser shows
  • Edited Film / TV / Video laser shows
  • Multimedia Laser Shows
  • Laser Fine Art
  • Innovative Laser Show applications
  • Laser Photography
  • Live “Laser Jockey” performance

Pangolin is proud of our clients who take the innovations we develop, and go out into the field creating stunning works of laser art. Below you can see professional laser entertainment companies, all of whom use Pangolin technology and took home ILDA Awards at this year’s conference:

  • Dream Laser Russia
  • VisuTek EU
  • Maxim Ishchik
  • Lightline Lasertechnik
  • LaserTech Canada
  • Dynamic Lasers
  • ER Productions
  • Future Weapons Lighting
  • Illuminatus Lasers
  • Visual Sensation Laser Shows and Technologies
  • Laservision
  • LaserNet
  • Lightwave International
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