Полный обзор шоу | Prolight + Sound Франкфурт 2019 | Pangolin Laser Systems

Полный обзор шоу | Prolight + Sound Франкфурт 2019

We are proud to say that this has been our largest, and most successful year at Prolight+Sound to date! None of it would have been possible without the undying support, valuable feedback, and sheer dedication of all of you, the Pangolin Family.

If you weren't able to attend, or just want to see all the laser shows again, we filmed a complete video overview of the various shows, and features that were shown at Prolight+Sound. Look below to find the various videos.

Full Show Overview

Equipment List | Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2019

Below you will find a full list of all the various lasers and software, that were used at the our booth.

Лазерное шоу, сделанное с помощью световой консоли GrandMA
Laser Content, для художников по свету | Новый контент- пакет FB4



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