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Лазерный Текст, Лазерные Логотипы, Лазерная Графика - как можно использовать лазеры для корпоративных мероприятий и рекламы

Laser is a wonderful effect, and thanks to new laser control technology from Pangolin, it is now easier than ever to create custom laser text, laser logos, and laser graphics, that can be used for promotional and advertising applications. Check out this short video from our friends at LPS Laser in Germany, which demonstrates how lasers can be used at tradeshows, corporate events, and marketing launches, to draw potential clients and prospects in, and ensure they see your message in a prominent way.

Just imagine seeing your company logo or message, displayed in beautiful laser light, across a tradeshow or exhibition hall. Think about all the normal signage that you commonly see – how much of that, do you really remember? However with laser, you can rest assured your message will stand out in the crowd, and that people will candidly recall the pitch you were trying to make.

Another great benefit, is that setting up such equipment is now truly “plug and play”. Simply use a professional laser projector and use the Pangolin QuickShow or BEYOND control systems. These easily connect to a standard laptop or PC via USB, and then just run a cable from QuickShow or BEYOND to the laser projector, and you are setup and done. No complex programming or installation required.

For questions on how you can incorporate lasers into your next corporate event or marketing promotion, contact us or call +407-299-2088.

QuickShow 3.0 и BEYOND 3.0
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