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Как делать "живые" лазерные шоу


Live laser shows

Live laser shows are perhaps the most popular way of controlling a laser show. You see these often at festivals, nightclubs, and similar events and they are mostly “laser beam and aerial shows” but may at times, also include various laser graphics and in rare cases, laser mapping and interactive effects. When performing a live laser show, you are generally performing to the beat of the music playing, and you can run this from a PC/ touchscreen, MIDI, DMX or lighting console.

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Live from a PC or touchscreen

Many clients will control their live laser shows from a PC or touchscreen computer. This sort of setup is very common. A picture showing a basic setup is below.

Laser show live control action

Live from a MIDI or DMX console (with a PC)

Some clients prefer the touch and feel a MIDI or DMX console has to offer. And in this fashion, they connect their MIDI or DMX console to the PC, and then control the software and show live, from that device.

PC and MIDI device
PC and MIDI console in action

Live from a Lighting / DMX console (with a PC)

We also have clients who come from a lighting designer based background, who prefer to control their entire show from a lighting or DMX console (such as a GrandMA, Chamsys, Hog, Avolites, etc). This can also be done, and in such a setup, the software communicates to the console, and then you control the show form the console of your choice.

PC and Lightin console
Lightin console and PC in action

From a Lighting / DMX console (no PC)

You can also run the entire show from a lighting or DMX console, without a PC in the setup. This is very popular with lighting designers. In such a setup, you design your desired laser show and content in software (QuickShow or BEYOND). Then, you save that content to the FB4 hardware (Internal or External version). After that, you can control the content saved on FB4, from any lighting console of your choice.

Liting console laser connection artnet
Lighting console with laser in action
Лазерный контроллер
Как сделать предварительно запрограммированные лазерные шоу



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