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Как сделать предварительно запрограммированные лазерные шоу

Pre-programmed laser shows

Pre-programmed laser shows are perhaps the second most popular type of laser show you will see. These are common on large scale musical tours, and corporate events (where the exact music that will play is known ahead of time) as well as at permanent installations (theme parks, hotels, etc.).

Pre-programmed shows may consist of laser beam and aerial shows, as well as laser graphics, laser mapping effects, and interactive laser shows.

Pre-programmed laser shows are generally made on the timeline (in QuickShow or BEYOND software). Artists will put an audio file onto the timeline, and use the tools within the software to exactly match their laser effects, to the music they are working with. So that the timing of the laser effects is in perfect harmony with the music.

That show content is then saved, and trigged at the actual show venue. The triggering of the show can be done from a PC, console (MIDI, DMX, or Lighting console) or it can also be done using SMPTE timecode (using devices like the TC2000 SMPTE converter).

Pre programmed laser show timeline
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