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FB4 Dominates the Summer Festival and Tour Scene

Our revolutionary new FB4 laser control hardware is dominating the summer festival and tour scenes, and is being used on a wide variety of high profile events which incororpate lasers, including the recent Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium, as well as the 2015 Metallica World Tour.

Laserists around the world are beginning to convert their laser control setups over to the new FB4 platform, to take advantage of the new network control features this unique hardware configuration has to offer, when used together with our BEYOND and QuickShow software programs.

And lighting designers around the world are falling in love with lasers all over again, due to FB4’s ability to give LD’s complete control over a laser show, directly from a lighting console (such as a GrandMA, HOG, etc).

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to gain with using FB4, is the elimination of the notorious “ILDA” cable, which has long been a pain, for many laserists around the globe. With FB4, you no longer need to use the ILDA cable, and instead, you can build this hardware directly inside of your laser, for complete network control. Just run power and ethernet, and you’re done! It’s that simple!

For more information on FB4, check out our latest FB4 page, which has a wide variety of information on FB4, as well as detailed documentation, manuals, and engineering drawings, to help you integrate this new laser control hardware into your existing show setup, or into your current (or soon to be built) laser projector(s).

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