Клиенты Pangolin снова выигрывают большинство наград ILDA | Pangolin Laser Systems

Клиенты Pangolin снова выигрывают большинство наград ILDA

The ILDA awards are considered by many, to be the “Oscars” for the laser display and entertainment industry. And at the 2015 ILDA Conference and Awards Ceremony (hosted by Mr. Abdulwahab Baghdadi, of 3rd Dimension Event Tech), Pangolin clients once again took home the majority of ILDA Awards received, further proving that Pangolin’s laser show control platform provides clients with the tools, features, and programs needed, to create award-winning works of laser art.

What made this year’s event so special, was to see how improvements in laser control technology (including advancements in laser software and hardware) are further allowing laserists around the world to create stunning laser displays, faster and easier than ever before.

Events and shows that once would have taken clients weeks or even months to program and prepare, can now be done in just hours or days, using new features available in software programs including Pangolin BEYOND and Pangolin QuickShow. And advancements in hardware control (with new network hardware like FB4) are now allowing laserists as well as lighting designers, to control shows in a whole new way – because with FB4s new proprietary network protocol, the need to use the outdated ILDA cable, is gone. This is allowing clients to run their entire show via a network setup, reducing setup times, and allowing clients to perform more complex and sophisticated laser shows – thus, leading to more award winning content and shows, for those using Pangolin’s platform.

In addition, FB4 allows for complete control of a laser show from a lighting desk or DMX console. Simply create content in BEYOND, save it to FB4s memory, and control that content from the console of your choice. And, FB4 can be built inside of a laser projector, simplifying the setup of large scale laser shows. So now clients only need to run network and power to the back of a laser, and they are setup and ready to go. Advancements in laser technology like this, are what is helping clients around the world create bigger, better, and more intricate laser shows, in a faster, easier and more affordable manner. These are just some of the reasons why at this year’s ILDA Conference and Awards Ceremony, we see that those using Pangolin technology have once again taken home the vast majority of awards that were won. With Pangolin’s ongoing laser developments, those using these technologies have a much larger arsenal of tools and features at their disposal, allowing them to create more stunning and sophisticated laser performances.

Pangolin’s Chief Operating Officer Justin Perry was also quoted in saying… “While we are very proud of the new technologies we are releasing to market, and while we can see how these are allowing clients to create better laser shows overall, we also realize that the credit at the end of the day, goes to the artists themselves. We are merely providing a paintbrush – if you will. And our clients then take our brush, and go out and create beautiful works of art. So in that regard, out hat goes off to all of the Pangolin clients around the world, who use the tools we provide them with, to create stunning laser and visual displays”.

Overview of Awards won by Pangolin Clients:

ER Productions – 1st Place, “Kylie Minogue, Kiss Me Once World Tour” (Live Stage Show)
ER Productions – 1st Place, “X-Factor” (Live TV Show)
Lightwave International – 1st Place, “YouTube Music Awards” (Edited Film / TV/ Video)
VisuTek e.U. – 1st Place, “Atemlos” (Beams/Atmospherics, multiple projector show)
KVANT – 1st Place, “Machac Festival” (Nightclub/Disco/Music Festival Show)
KVANT – 1st Place, “BMW Mapping” (Corporate Show)
Manick Sorcar – 1st Place, “Laser Art in Shower Ocean” (Innovative Application)
ER Productions – 2nd Place, “Katy Perry, Prismatic World Tour” (Live Stage Show)
ER Productions – 2nd Place, Live Laser Jockey Competition
Oracle Liquid – 2nd Place, “G20 Summit Laser Interactive and Flag Projection” (Innovative Application) Mediam Sp. Zo.o. – 2nd Place, “The Legend of Wawel Dragon” (Graphics Show)
Mediam Sp. Zo.o. – 2nd Place, “Mercedes” (Corporate Show)
VisuTek e.U. – 2nd Place, “Shadows” (Beams/Atmospherics, multiple projector show)
Laser Tech Canada – 2nd Place, “Stars of Science” (Live TV Show)
LaserNet – 2nd Place, “Camila” (Edited Film / TV/ Video)
E.R. Productions – 3rd Place, “Queens of Stone Age” (Nightclub/Disco/Music Festival Show)
ER Productions – 3rd Place, “Kasabian, iTunes Festival” (Live TV Show)
Lightwave International – 3rd Place, “Pretty Lights – Live with the Colorado Symphony” (Live Stage Show)

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