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Новое учебное видео по FB4

Our new FB4 hardware has taken the laser show industry by storm, providing clients with a fully integrated network solution, that gets built directly inside of a laser projector.

When using FB4, you have a variety of laser control configurations possible. These are noted below:

Streaming Mode – In Streaming Mode, you have the BEYOND software running on your PC, and then you run a network cable from your PC to your laser projector with FB4.

Lighting Console Mode – In this setup, you create content in the BEYOND software, and then save it to the FB4 memory, which again, is generally integrated inside of your laser projector. Then, the content you created can easily be controlled from any lighting or DMX console, without the need for a PC in the show setup.

Auto-Play Mode – In Auto-Play Mode, you once again create content in the BEYOND software, and then save it to the FB4 memory. FB4 has a built-in clock, which allows you to set a specific date and time for that show content to be played. Then, once set, FB4 will play the show back automatically, without the need for a PC to be connected. You can even update content on FB4’s memory, via the network cable, so there is no need to physically touch the laser (taking it off a truss, etc.) just to change the content playing from it. This is an ideal control mode, for permanent installations.

Inside of the BEYOND and QuickShow software, there is a special new feature, which allows you to upload content to FB4. We’ve created the following tutorial, to help show you how to access this feature, and upload content to FB4’s memory. NOTE – This tutorial was created in BEYOND, but the same principles apply in QuickShow.

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