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BEYOND руководство по Эффектам

The BEYOND software has changed laser control forever… Bringing state-of-the-art control technology, to thousands of laserists around the world. In an effort to help ensure that you get the most out of the BEYOND software, we are continually creating tutorial videos, providing detailed documentation and learning materials, on all aspects of the software.

In our latest BEYOND Tutorial series, we focus on effects… And BEYOND has a LOT of them! To help you as a client understand how these work, this new tutorial series will begin by providing an overview of all BEYOND effects. We then progress from there, by providing information and guidance, about the “theory” behind each effect.  And we conclude, by providing real-world examples of how to apply those effects into your own laser light shows.

You can check out this latest tutorial video series on our YouTube channel, by Clicking Here.

A bit thank you to ILDA Award Winning Laserist Gabe Letourneau, for his great work in the creation of these tutorials. You can see more of Gabe’s work and how these effects were applied, watching the videos below (videos courtesy of Dynamic Lasers).

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