Лазеры и программное обеспечение BEYONDв перформансе и видео

In this short video “Using laser in performance and video” Pier Barberis from the faculty of “Academic and Information Technology” at the Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain shows his students how to perfectly combine laser light and music in an artistic performance.

He used the professional Pangolin BEYOND laser light software, as there the interfaces enabled him to easily connect his ideas with the lasers.
Pier Barberis demonstrated the optical recognition features via webcam and Microsoft 3D depth camera Kinect within the BEYOND software to manipulate the laser output.

He opened the mind of his student for incredible new ways to create a symbiosis of laser light and music.
Only a laser light software tool, ILDA capable, like the professional Pangolin BEYOND software offers the power to enhance the creativity to create new techniques of performances.

See his teaser video here:

Мировой рекорд лазерного шоу от ER Production
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