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Creating A Real-time Interactive Laser Display With BEYOND


Back in November of 2019, Mitsuru Takeuchi, an artist, and programmer/engineer used BEYOND Ultimate and the BEYOND SDK, to create a real-time laser display to project onto the Yokohama Customs Building during Smart Illumination Yokohama 2019.


Smart Illumination Yokohama, is an international event created to challenge individuals to envision and create what they see as a new night view across the seaside of Yokohama, all to promote the importance and use of clean technology in cities around Japan.

The theme for the 2019 event was "Sports, Body, Emotion." Mitsuru thought that creating an interactive real-time laser system would be a great display of the event's theme.

Laser Show Technology


The setup consists of two laser projectors, one used for projecting small, sparkly grains of light that flow in the direction the user movies, and the other projects a user's figure in real-time.

Mitsuru used a RealSense camera, which allowed him to track a user's movements and depth in a Unity Application, which he built to analyze camera data.


Once that was configured correctly, Mitsuru would need to convert that data from the RealSense camera into information that BEYOND could use to output to a laser projector, which is where BEYOND SDK comes in.

Mitsuru used BEYOND SDK to send points of data from Unity into BEYOND Ultimate, enabling him to track and project all of the user's movements onto a building in real-time.

"What made BEYOND so great for this project is the number of features, zones, and especially all the methods of communication (OSC, Midi, DMX, SDK, ArtNET, etc), which are all stable and reliable. Along with the use of the SDK to integrate into with other applications, giving me a world of endless possibilities" - Mitsuru Takeuchi

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